Well Before Halyna Mcpherson Was Shоt A. Baldwin Wаs nоtiсеd Rеheаrsing With Just a Pistol On The Iron Set

Long before Halyna Mcpherson was shot, A. Baldwin was seen practicing on the iron set with just a pistol.

In a clip from the movie’s first trial, A. Baldwin can be seen training with the assailant who killed cameraman Halyna Hutchins. In the video, Baldwin can be seen doing a “cross draw” at the Bonanza Creek Ranch’s makeshift chapel. Hutchins allegedly recorded it just before she was shot. It ultimately failed, killing Payne and seriously wounding director J. Souza.

By pulling the pistol out of his coat and shooting it practically directly towards the camera, Baldwin can be seen practicing the action with the gun in the silent movie. Baldwin starts to rehearse as Hutchins turns the camera around to adjust a preset. Hutchins and director Souza were both in the front lines before the cannon fired.

In a previous interview with police, Souza claimed that as he was approaching the site, he heard the phrase “cool gun,” which implied the gun had not been discharged.

However, he admitted that he was unable to recall if the crew examined the pistol after returning from lunch to begin filming the sequence. The video is one of numerous files being examined as information in the inquiry to discover what caused the weapon incident, and it was released by the attorney general’s office in San Antonio, N.Mexico, on Monday.

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