“Bad Forebodings:” Jennifer Aniston didn’t like the new lover of Brad Pitt!

The insiders claim that Jennifer Aniston didn’t like the new girlfriend of Brad Pitt. But why?

The Truth About Brad Pitt's Relationship With Ines de Ramon - E! Online - CA

The new lover of Brad is a jewelry designer Ines e Ramon.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's Relationship from 1994 to Now

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt became very friendly after Brad’s divorce from Angelina Jolie. They were married in 2000 and lived together for 5 years. But during the period of his marriage with Jolie Jennifer didn’t talk with Brad Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston Shuts Down Decades-Long Narrative About Her Marriage to Brad  Pitt | Entertainment Tonight

However, after the divorce, they were once noticed on the red carpet talking and shaking hands together.

But lately, they attended one place together and Jennifer didn’t even approach as the insiders claim that Ines De Ramon was near Brad.

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