Astonishing transformation of a senior dog: From paralysis to fit

Sometimes dogs are found in so awful conditions that you can’t believe your eyes. At that time you think of one thing; how can people be so cruel to these innocent animals?

Jhoy and Ayudando Andoencountered a dog left in a water tank. The dog was motionless and couldn’t come out of it. So the poor canine was lying there helplessly.

They named him Corsario. When the rescuers took the dog and put him on the ground they saw that the dog could place his legs together but couldn’t walk. They sensed that the problem could be solved and started the treatment of the dog. They used hydrotherapy and electrotherapy which affected Corsario very well. The dog soon began to walk and run all by himself.

Despite being a senior dog, Corsario was full of life and overcame the difficulties that life had prepared for him perfectly.

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