Younger brother asks sister with Down Syndrome to be Maid of Honor at his wedding

A sibling is a person’s lifelong best friend. When life presents us with challenges, our brothers and sisters are the first people we seek out, and the first people we feel compelled to call. This is because we are confident that when something wonderful occurs, our enjoyment is doubled since it is shared with them.

Because they stand for a part of our childhood that we will never want to let go of, our siblings have a special place in our hearts.

A brother and sister from Vermont named Chris and Brittany Garafola are fortunate to have one another. Additionally, the two are best friends, and they have always been. Brittany is a very special person in her brother’s life and has Down syndrome. The two formed a deep friendship as children in a loving family that has remained unbreakable to this day.


Chris, who is two years younger than his sister, claims that he and Brittany were a “package deal” and that he can’t recall ever having the chance to express to her how precious she is to him.

Chris expressed his love and admiration for Brittany in a heartfelt Instagram post, saying that she “always poured her love onto him, challenged him, and taught him timeless lessons—giving him countless opportunities to grow (quickly) as a man, and become the best BROTHER he could possibly be.”


Of course, having Down syndrome has occasionally presented difficulties for Brittany—not because of herself, but rather mostly because of society and how some people view these individuals. She has been able to conquer all of the difficulties, though, since she always has her brother at her side.

When the two got older, Chris met Tatiana, a woman who began adoring Brittany as if she were also Chris’ sister because Tatiana understood how important Brittany was to Chris. What’s more, Chris and Tatiana even decided to delay their wedding so that Brittany could attend. Due to her weakened immune system and the necessity for extra caution during the epidemic, Brittany was unable to venture outside much. But as soon as she received her COVID-19 shot in February 2021, her prospective brother-in-law and sister-in-law could begin planning their big day.


Tatiana FaceTimed with Brittany one day and asked her a crucial question while Chris, who works as a male model, recorded the entire exchange. Of course, Chris and Tatiana felt that Brittany deserved a significant role on their wedding day.

“And you understand the question I had for you? I’m looking for a maid of honor.In the video, Tatiana can be seen inquiring.

As anticipated, Brittany breaks down in tears of happiness and replies, “Yes, I can.”

Tatiana and Chris exchanged vows in April 2021. Brittany received a special present from the newlyweds: a lovely ring that served as a reminder that she would always play a significant role in their lives.

She has always been my best friend, and that won’t change even when I get married, Chris stated.

Many people praised Chris and his wife for their loyalty to and dedication to his older sister after seeing the wedding video was shared online.

Don’t you think this is how love between siblings should be?

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