Courageous Terrier lost at sea reunites with very emotional dog daddy

For older people, pets are extremely important. Some grannies and grandpas don’t have anyone next to them but their pets. So the lives of pets are very crucial for them and they will do anything on earth to save them.

Recently a 75-year-old Australian fisherman was about to lose his dog but everything turned out for the better both for him and his dog. Alfonse Attard and his Jack Russell Terrier named Jack were fishing off the Melbourne coast (a kilometer off of Altona Beach) when all of a sudden Attard noticed that there was a leak on their boat.

Early in the morning, the boat of a kind fisherman capsized. The man was thrown into the water and the dog clung to the boat waiting that someone would help him. Luckily two fishermen noticed them and called for help.

Soon the water police and the Altona Life Saving Club returned to find the Jack Russell Terrier. They overturned the capsized boat where the Terrier was found sitting inside the nose of the boat. The 75-year-old Attard couldn’t keep his tears. You can watch their heart-touching reunion down below.

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