Story of a kind family rescuing orphaned baby moose has us in tears

This video will melt your heart a first but don’t turn it down and wait for further developments. The poor baby moose was wandering the countryside desperately calling for his mom.

Orphaned baby moose

Luckily a TikTok user @vestengan and her family noticed the baby moose and tried to help. His mother was found dead and they immediately called a rescue center. At that time the rescue center couldn’t help and the family decided to show some support to the baby moose themselves. They named him Helge.

Orphaned baby moose

Soon Helge found comfort in his new human mother’s arms and snuggled with her with great pleasure. The moose got great love and all that he needed on the family’s farm. He was lucky that especially this family rescued him.

@vestengan♬ Welcome to Wonderland – Anson Seabra

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