Rescue pony has the sweetest reaction to being reunited with teddy bear after 3 years apart

Breeze, the little horse found solace in his fluffy Teddy Bear named Buttons. They shared the closest bond ever.

Breeze was abandoned by his mother and there was nothing left but wondering depressively in Dartmoor National Park.

The little foal couldn’t imagine his life without his mother until he met his Teddy Bear. He started spending most of his time cuddling with his new toy. Their photos went viral and melted many hearts.

.But as soon as the horse began to grow he had to join his herd. And the foal gradually forgot his Teddy bear. But it was not like this as the staff thought Breeze would never forgethis “pacifier.” After 3 years. the horse saw his toy again and showed the same affection to it as before. For animals love is everlasting and unforgettable.

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