Worker shares adorable friendship with a 550-pound lion he’s taken care of for 10 years

The 27-year-old Shandor Larenty had a close friend who was his oldest one too. They made friends 10 years ago and still loved each other. The loyal friend was a huge 550-pound lion.

@shandorlarenty Welcome to lion Tiktok ?… My best friend George ??? #lion #shandorlarenty #tiktoksouthafrica #foryoupage #wildlife #mypride #love #fyp ♬ Rumors – Jake Miller

The lion’s name was George. He was born at the Lion and Safari Park in Gauteng, South Africa. Larenty watched how the lion grew up and became a strong wild cat from a small cutie. George was also the head of his pride and the whole pride adored him.

@shandorlarenty The best way to end the day! George ?? #georgethelion #shandorlarenty #wildlife #safari #mypride #southafrica ♬ All My Loving – Sam Fischer

George was a kind, warm, and sociable animal. But he could also be furious if needed. Larenty had a TikTok page with his George where they shared their funny videos and gather more than 97 million views. They are inseparable and it is obvious from every second of the videos.

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