The Breed Of The Left Behind, Tiny, Hairless Puppies Was A To Everyone

Once a guy found 6 puppies with damaged skin. He searched for their mother but she was nowhere o find. and took the all to the animal sanctuary. As soon as they entered Sylacauga, Alabama animal sanctuary the staff their attentive care as the dogs were in an awful state.

The poor puppies’ skin was very pink and they needed special treatment. Nicole Zaguroli with Secondly City Canine Rescue (SCCR), a nonprofit rescue in Illinois told The Dodo that the pups were so dirty and were smelling so badly that the staff had to wear masks to bathe them properly.

Soon all of the puppies got their foster homes. But to fill some lines in their adoption papers the staff needed to know their breed which was not detected because of the damaged skin and hair loss. Day after day their hair began to grow and the DNA test and their look proved that they were Great Pyrenees dogs.

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