Feeling nostalgic, this dog walked 57 miles to her old house

Cleo was a 4-year-old cute labrador who didn’t want to change her home.

When her owners moved to a new house which was 57 miles away from her old house the dog felt confused. And one morning she went missing. Her owners searched for her almost everywhere but couldn’t find her in the neighborhood. So thinking that the location was new to her and soon she would come back the owners waited for her return every minute.

But Cleo was 57 miles away from them. The dog missed her old house and went to visit. As soon as the new owners returned home they noticed a labrador sitting quietly on their porch. They wanted to enter but the dog didn’t let them in. So they took the dog to check her microchip and found out that it was Cleo, the dog of the previous owners’ dogs. They returned her home where the owners were impatiently waiting for her.

The dog couldn’t walk 57 miles away alone so they thought that maybe someone checked her microchip and as it indicated the old house they took and left her there. But if she managed to walk all by herself so far then she was a hero.

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