Horse reunites with owner after running off to live with wild mustangs in Utah desert for 8 years

Shane Adams was camping in the Utah Desert with his favorite horse Mongo when out of the blue Mongo got lost. The man started searching for Mongo who ran with the wild mustangs but everything was to no avail. mongo was nowhere to be found.

Shane returned home and told everyone about his lost horse. He told even the Bureau of Land Management and waited hopefully.

He returned to the desert on his weekdays and searched for his lovely friend for 4 years. Soon he lost hope and bought another horse but kept Mongo’s halter. And it was not in vain as on September 2022 the Bureau of Land Management reached out to him.

They noticed a herd of wild horses and among them, one was a bit different. The horse seemed tamed and when the rescuers had a close look the description that Shane gave them years ago matched perfectly. So they took Mongo to his owner.

Mongo had a very touching reunion with Shane. However, Sane told that being in the wild for 8 years and spending most of the tie with wild mustangs Mongo still stayed calm. It was like nothing had ever happened.

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