Couple Rescue 500+ Animals After Quitting Jobs And Starting Animal Sanctuary With No Money

This warmhearted couple had a dream. After quitting their jobs, they had a chance to make their wish come true. So they have created a huge animal sanctuary.

First, they didn’t have supporters, enough money, and much more. But nothing made them change their mind. They decided and did it for 4 years. 4 years of hard work and great desire ad everything could be overcome. During these 4 years, they managed to save more than 500 animals including horses, turtles, pigs, dogs, chickens, and many more.

Seeing the dessert in the video below you couldn’t imagine that it could become to a fascinating place for animals.

@tenerifehorserescue always follow your dreams. #animalsanctuary #transformation #recycle #naturalbuilding #sustainableliving #communityliving #horsesanctuary #palletbuild #desertlife ♬ original sound – Miles

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