Elephants cheerfully smashing giant pumpkins

If you have ever heard the “Monster Mash” song then this story is for you. Have you ever imagined an elephant smashing some big squishy fruits and vegetables? You may have probably seen such cadres in song videos or ads. Now you will get acquainted with elephants smashing 1200 pounds of pumpkins.

Elephants smashing pumpkins

Elephants can weigh from 6,000 to 13,000 pounds. Due to growers Larry Nelson and Jim Paino, the annual ‘Squishing of the Squash’ occurred again. And both the elephants and the people watching cheered up greatly.

Elephants smashing pumpkins

In the end, no pumpkin stayed complete as elephants smashed all of them so enthusiastically. They smashed and began to eat what was inside. Both the seeds and the tasty juicy parts.

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