Dog Won’t Stop Barking At Pregnant Mom And Ends Up Saving Her Life

Alhanna Butler was 18 weeks pregnant when she discovered a serious disease due to her loyal dog. It was an 18-month-old Akita named Keola.

When Alhanna was in her first trimester her friends kept telling her that the dog would make her pregnant life more difficult and then would cause difficulties when the baby will be born and asked her to get rid of Keola. But the girl refused as she loved her dog very much.

During the pregnancy, Alhanna had some back pains but the doctors claimed that they were usual pregnancy pains. One day Keola started barking out loud and it was very strange as he was a calm dog and hadn’t done such things before. so Alhanna took Keola to the hospital and she went to see her doctor too. What was discovered at that moment was unbelievable. It turned out that the woman had a life-threatening infection that would kill both her and her baby at the same time. If it was not for Keola’sbarking she would never know about it.

Alhanna had her first baby and Keola became the baby’s guardian angel. Some time later, she had her second nany and the dog reacted at the same way. So Alhanna knew that keeping the dog was one of her rightest decisions ever. You can follow Keola on this Facebook page.

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