Heartbroken Dog Who Lost Her Puppies In Barn Fire Cares For Orphaned Litter Like Her Own

A poor mother dog recently lost her puppies during the fire in Jessica Woodruff’s barn in Roseburg, Oregon. The mother lost a litter of seven three-week-old puppies. Four goats and a pig didn’t survive the accident too.

Woodruff told that it all happened within a few minutes and the fire was probably caused by a heat lamp that was keeping the young puppies warm. They were the Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix Daisy’s puppies. At that time Daisy was in another barn. Daisy tried to save her puppies when she noticed the fire but it was too late. The dog was in great despair and it was heart-taking watching how she was grieving.

So Woodruff’s sister Jaque Barnett came up with a wonderful idea of bringing other litter to Daisy. She searched for a litter that needed Daisy more than ever. She found a litter of 8 orphaned puppies whose mother Lorna Murthy died after giving birth.

It was a win-win situation as Daisy liked the puppies very much and began caring for them as her own. Meanwhile, poor puppies had a kind-hearted mother and all were joyful and protected ever after.

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