Rescue puppy’s life changes after this man pick him up nearby

Takis Shelter is a non-profit organization run by Theoklitos Proestakis. This warmhearted man living in Crete, Greece, made up his mind to help stray animals and opened up his shelter.

Abandoned puppy

Takis has saved more than 500 dogs and continues to help those who need to be taken care of.

Recently one man found an abandoned puppy in a pile of garbage and couldn’t leave him there. As the dog was white he could hardly be noticed in the whole garbage. But the man not only noticed him but also took him to Takis shelter.

Abandoned puppy

There the pup was named Zoe. As soon as he got in the car the dog showed his gratitude by looking with his innocent eyes and trying to reach to the man with his snout. Zoe was a bit frightened and felt uncomfortable.

Abandoned puppy rescued

However, everything changed when they reached the shelter. He became more playful and friendly. Soon he gained many friends at the shelter. When a woman visited the shelter to foster a home she ended up adopting 3 cute dogs including Zoe. The dog was very happy that he and his 2 friends from the shelter would continue their life in Finland together.

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