Smart 11-year-old builds custom wheelchair for his teacher’s dog

Dana Holden was a teacher at school. She had a Dachshund mix named Leonard. She took Leonard from the shelterl and oved her dog very much. Unfortunately, the dog had mobility problems.

Some sort of tumor is growing and pushing on his spine. The poor dog’s leg is not gettig the signals.

Dana thought about the wheelchair but yet couldn’t afford it so she had to carry the dog when it was needed.

Dana took her dog with her to work. And the contition of dog impressed Emmett Rychner, one of the students of Dana.

The 11-year-old Emmet was known for his creations for dogs.The boy previously made drinking fountain for dogs and an air-conditioned backpack. And as soon as he saw Leonard he immediately decided to make the dog’s life easier.

Though it was not an easy work. He tried for months but firt attempts were failures. However, the boy didn’t give up so easily and tried again and again until the perfect wheelchair for Leonard was ready.

Dana was extremely happy to see how her dog moved easily and all by his own. She was grateful to her student for his devotion and smart creation as it made not only the dog’s but also Dana’s life better and happier.

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