Guardian Dog Protects Goats From “Evil” Fence That Shocks Them

Anatolian shepherds are very protective, territorial, intelligent, and patient dogs. They are usually used as flock guardians.

Kaan has all these traits. This Kentucky-based pup lives with other dogs but is the most attentive one among them. He was guarding goats.

As the dog once witnessed how one of the goats of his flock got shocked by the electric fence he was too attentive to the goats.

And this accident became a caution for Kaan. When one of his goats goes closer to the fence Kaan approaches and protects the goat from the danger that can cause serious concequences.

@charchar.binx0 Replying to @rosyjennings The fence is our favorite enemy. #livestockguardiandogs ♬ original sound – Charlene

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