This fabulous trick helps dogs learn sign language easily

Laura London helps both dogs and their owners if they have some disabilities to communicate.

Dog learning sign language

Igor was a hearing-impaired guy who needed a service dog but didn’t know how to communicate with the dog. So he called specialists to help him.

London brought her trained dog Sussie with her to show how the dog could understand sign language. First of all the owner, himself should learn how to use sign language so that his dog would understand him.

Dog learning sign language

If deaf people use it and understand each other without any difficulty then it is a bit harder with canines. When we command our dogs to sit or lay down we need a special trick, or a movement to make them do this. So the same goes for sign language.

Dog learning sign language

Laura explained “The clicker” to Igor so that the guy could start communicating with the dog. London gave Igor a clicker and asked him to keep it in his hand. When the dog performed one of the commands right Igor should press the clicker with his fingers which meant that the dog did it right and should get a reward.

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