Feisty Puppy Refuses to Let Border Collie Do His Job Of Herding The Sheep

Farmer Rory Gregor is growing his business with the help of his sheepdogs in Inverurie, Scotland. Sam, the border collie is Rory’s best helper.

Rory Gregor builds up successful sheep unit | The Scottish Farmer

Rory is a first-generation farmer who can grow his business from 25 to 1,000 ewes in the last 6 years. This was a great success.

And in his success the role of his dogs is vital. The attentive dogs protected the herds and watched that all of them came home safe and sound.

Recently Rory brought a canine friend for Sam. It was a little 9-month-old Flo who not only can’t help Sam but also interfered in Sam’s serious work. The little pup liked to grasp Sam’s tail and play with it. But Sam knew that he couldn’t get carried away by the puppy’s games and escaped to watch his herd over.


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