The dog gave his life to save the family from the snake

When the poisonous snake crawled into their dining room the family was unaware. It was the family’s loyal and devoted canine friend who noticed the snake.

The family was living in Kuching (Malaysia) and the place is known for its venomous species of snakes. So you should be attentive and close your doors and windows tightly not to have such cases anymore.

The family’s dog named Chico gave his life to save the family from danger. The dog noticed the snake and fought as long as he made sure that the poisonous snake was dead. But during this battle, the snake also managed to bite the dog which was fatal for the poor canine. He went out and lay on the porch already dead.

Chico’s owner Alice Minggu claimed that the dog would remain in their memory always and that if not for the hero dog, some of the family members would suffer too.

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