The Reason Black Cats Are A Symbol Of Bad Luck

What would you do if a black cat passes right in front of you? Of course, there are a great number of people who will offer you various steps after seeing a black cat but is this right?

Recently Jackson Galaxy shared a very important and useful video for those who think that black cats bring bad luck.

Galaxy told that this state had deep roots. Pope Gregory IV associated witchcraft with black cats as many witches liked to keep them as their pets and close friends. So he decided to get rid of all black cats in Europe. The work was fulfilled in 1233 by Pope Gregory IX. So the demonization of cats made people get rid of the cats and until the end of 1300, there were very few cats left in Europe. So there was also no one to kill the rats.

This was one of the main causes of the Bubonic plague in Europe. So very late did people understand that this was all a rude act of discrimination and cruelty. No cats should be treated that way because of their fur color or some nonsense myths as they were breathing creatures too. Galaxy claimed that we should keep, and foster more and more black cats and spread the state that black cats are good luck.

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Any animal on our planet has its role and without even one species the world will not be the same anymore.

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