Dоg Waits 4 Yеars ln Thе Samе Spоt Nеar Thе Rоad, Waiting Fоr His Family

A dog’s loyalty is unquestionable, and if we needed any more proof, we won’t need it after reading this heartwarming story. A few days ago, the story of Leo, a loyal dog in Thailand who has been waiting for his owners in the same spot for nearly four years, went viral on social media. The best part is that a story like this can only have one happy ending, writes embounce

It all began four years ago, when the poor dog’s owner inadvertently abandoned him near a gas station (in an inexplicable way for me). Meanwhile, people tried to help the dog by giving him food.
And even when Saowalak, a 45-year-old woman with a big heart, took Leo home, he ran away and returned to the spot where his family had lost him, on the side of a road.

Leo’s story, on the other hand, ended happily about a month ago. A passerby, Anuchit Uncharoen, noticed the helpless dog and inquired about him, as Leo appeared to be a stray dog.

After hearing his story, he took to Facebook in a desperate attempt to find Leo’s parents after such a long wait. Then the miracle happened!

Someone contacted Anuchit Uncharoen and said the dog in his photos looks exactly like BonBon, the dog they lost in 2015.

It didn’t take long for them to take BonBon home. Despite his joy at seeing his owner, the dog chose to follow the woman who had been feeding him all along.

BonBon’s decision was not popular with the owners, but they respected it. They also agreed to pay his vet bills and pay him a visit.

Let’s hope Leo stays at Saowalak’s house indefinitely!

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