Kind-hearted woman adopted a boy that no one wanted to adopt: see what he looks like now

Nicky had a wonderful family and a daughter from her first marriage.

But she still wanted to make her other dream come true. The softhearted woman wanted to adopt a child and give him a second chance. Nicky and her husband searched a lot and found a boy named Rustam who had no chance of being adopted.

The mother of Rustam had led an unhealthy lifestyle during her pregnancy. And when her son was born she abandoned him because of his various malformations.

But Nicky gave him a second chance and showed the whole world that every child could live in a healthy family with his/her disabilities.

Nicky and her husband gave everything to Rustam. And soon the boy could even walk on himself with his prosthesis.

It is parents that make the child’s life either full of joy and happiness or full of hardships and sadness.

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