Tom Hanks telling fans to ‘back off’ after they bump into his wife, to whom he has been married for 34 years and almost lost to cancer

The Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson proved that starry marriage can last long too.

The stars were acting for the film “Volunteers” in 1985 performing Lawrence Bourne III and Beth Wexler. This comedy acted a vital role in the couple’s life as they got married after a year.

Rita and Tom showed the whole world how a husband and a wife should be. Tom claimed that he wouldn’t reach his fame if not for his wonderful wife as she wasn’t just a wife but also a fine friend, a caring mother, and a loving person for him.

But when Rita was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 Tom gave the same love and attention that he got during those years from his wife. Tom did everything for her and they overcame the breast cancer.

Tom Hanks recounts his exhaustion and wife Rita Wilson's nausea during  coronavirus | CNN

Recently one of the fans pushed Wilson when there were many people gathered and Tom’s reaction was to the point. Wilson almost fell.  He was so scared that something could happen to his wide that he couldn’t help but scolded his fan.

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