“Her face is like an iron”. A centauar woman disfigured herself with new plastic

Natasha Crown is known for her countless plastic surgeries that made her look like a plastic fat Barbie.

However, everything has its borders, and if you pass the borders some things stay spoiled and unchanged.

OnlyFans model who's had five Brazilian butt lifts can't fit on chairs | Daily Mail Online

The 27-year-old blogger decided that she would become a woman with the largest buttocks in the world 7 years ago.

Influencer relata dificuldade de namorar por tamanho de parte do corpo

So Natasha went through numerous Brazilian butt lifts to reach her desired results. Though the blogger told that she reached what she had dreamed of she couldn’t stop. She began changing other parts of the body too. But teh cosmetologists filled so much fillers under Natasha’s skin that soon she was not attractive but frustrating.

Meet the woman who wants to have the world's biggest bum - Extra.ie

However the girl didn’t feel this and thought that she was very attractive and her butt and filled face could make someone fall in love with her.

Woman With The 'Worlds Biggest Bum' Says Men Find Her 'Scary'

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