Meet one of the most beautiful and unique albinos in the world: she has different colored eyes

Being an albino and having heterochromia can be too impressive.

Amina is 11 years old. She has albinism and heterochromia at the same time.

The girl has wonderful white hair and eyelashes. One of her eyes is blue and the other is brown. With this appearance, it is hard to stay unnoticed.

So Amina attracted many professionals with her look.

Though Amina doesn’t have any pages on social media she has still many fans who finds her appearance extremely unique.

The parents of future model told her that she was extremely beautiful and made her think teh same about herself. They managed to prove the girl that even with her unusual appearance the girl could be fascinating.

Stunning Portraits of 11-Year-Old Girl With Albinism and Heterochromia

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