Homeless man reunites with family after 10 years apart when they see viral photos of his transformation

João Coelho Guimarães was forced to roam the streets as he lost both his roof and his work at the same time.

Barber Gives Homeless Man a Complete Makeover, His New Look Reunites Him With Family

3 years the man was living in Brazil homeless without knowing what would come the next day. João often collected bottles and took them to the container collection point to earn some money. She used to roam near the barbershop of a famous Brazilian singer Alessandro Lobo. One day the homeless man entered the barbershop and asked for being shaved.

Homeless man's viral makeover photos get him reunited with his family | Homeless man, Help homeless people, Beard images

The facial hair was no longer bearable and the man dreamed of getting rid of them. Alessandro felt that he was an educated man as he asked very politely. So the barbershop decided to give a beauty day to the homeless man.

Homeless Man Who Made News After Getting Haircut Recognised By Family Who Thought He Was Dead - UNILAD

The transformation was worth it. Alessandro gave him new clothes and styled his hair very well.

Homeless Man Reunites With Long-Lost Family After Kind Barber Gives Stunning Makeover – Love What Matters

With his permission, Alessandro posted his photos on social media and told his story. The comments amazed them but one of the comments was more than amazing. It turned out that João’s mother and sister recognized him from the photos and could finally hug him.

This Homeless Man Is Found By His Family Who Thought He Had Been Dead For 10 Years After His Transformation Photos Go Viral | Homeless man, Feel good news, Viral

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