Jennifer Aniston showed what a perfect haircut looks like in real life – you will change your mind about getting one

Jennifer Aniston is famous for her role in “Friends.”

Jennifer Aniston deler opskriften på sin favorit-smoothie | ELLE

When the actress heard about her hairstyle she didn’t like it at all. She thought that at home someone couldn’t have such an awesome hairstyle. Only with the help of a hairdresser, someone can get the perfect hairstyle of Jennifer.

Friends fans are just noticing the habit Jennifer Aniston had before saying lines - Heart

Many women get inspired by the actress’ hairstyle and asked their hairdressers to make their hair the way Jennifer has.


But recently Jennifer showcased that even she doesn’t have this perfect hairstyle anymore and now she shows how to get fabulous hair that is very easy to do even at home. The 53-year-old famous “Friends” star shows her 40 million followers her hair routine with great pleasure.


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In September Jennifer even introduced her line of hair care products.

Jennifer Aniston Launches LolaVie Hair Care | Beauty Packaging

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