After an operation, he took a nap at home: when he woke up, he found a cat hugging him


Andre Fallon’s father underwent surgery and was recovering from it when a miracle happened.

The time after surgery was not that easy as the healing process may last for a few months.

The man was having a rest when he opened his eyes and saw a cat next to him. It is not news that cats feel pain and want to “cure” it with their methods.

So this cat also felt that the man had a hurting place and decided to support him as much as it could.

Andrew took a picture of this marvelous moment and his father took the cat’s hand on his turn. Andrew’s mom went out and left the door ajar. So the cat knowing that there was someone who needed him came and slept on the man’s shoulder.

Soon Andrew’s mom and dad learned that it was their neighbour’s cat Ziggy. However, this was a true “pet therapy” for the man and he got well soon after the “healing” visit of Ziggy.

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