Grandmother becomes maid of honor for her granddaughter’s wedding on her 100th birthday

If you are a future bride then once in a while you have thought about the best options for your bridesmaid. This bride made the most unique and interesting choice.

Vita Cresswell lived in Seaton, Cumbria, England. She and her siblings loved their grandmother to the moon and back. Martha Wallbank raised their mother alone.

Martha told her grandchildren that she had to work three jobs at the same time to raise her daughter. But despite these difficulties, Martha completed her job perfectly and raised a wonderful daughter who soon had children on her own.

Martha helped to raise her grandchildren too. So she was the perfect example for her family and especially fro her granddaughters.

As soon as Martha heard the news about Vita’s marriage she replied; “I am the maid of honor, aren’t I?’

And Vita had no other answer but “Yes.” So Martha made teh ceremony even more interesting and felt proud of her granddaughter who made her wish come true. Vita and her groom got married on Martha’s birthday.

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