53 Dogs Survive Plane Crash on Their Way to a Wisconsin Shelter

On November 15, a plane was on its way to the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha, Wisconsin, when a horrible crash happened. The plane crashed so terribly that its wings were ripped off.


But wonders happen as the 53 dogs that were transported to another shelter were safe and sound. The director of the Human Society Maggie Tate-Techtmann noted that the dogs underwent the needed treatments and now are redy to meet their new and forever homes.

Man holding puppy

Out of the 53, 21 have already taken by HAWS. The others are still waiting in the rescue groups.

Paramedic and firefighter for Lake Country Fire and Rescue, Amber Christian, rescued Artemis from the town of Delafield plane crash, and eventually adopted him.

Due to the priceless and professional job of the pilots and the plane staff that everyone onboard survived with minor injuries.

As the event went viral 3 of teh dogs have been adopted by Lake Country Fire and Rescue first responders.

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