How has changed the life of the girl with one limb who dreamed of becoming a model

Victoria Salcedo will make you believe that if you desire something with all of your heart it comes true.

Because of the electric shock, the little girl lost both her arms and a limb. So she left with one limb but full of enthusiasm and energy.

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Besides the girl’s enthusiasm, her parents were great support for her as they didn’t stop her to dream and encouraged her to reach her goals. | Breaking News, Ecuador News, World, Sports,  Entertainment » Victoria Salcedo: “I have many things to do, there is a  long life”

The girl had various dreams and goals and didn’t postpone them after the accident. Moreover, she proved to all that nothing truly matters if you have a will, faith, and desires.

Victoria Salcedo perdió tres de sus extremidades en su niñez. Hoy sueña ser  la nueva Miss Ecuador -

She was admitted to the university of Journalism and accomplished her study with excellence. But the girl had other plans. She decided to take part in the Miss Ecuador Contest in 2021. She didn’t win but gained popularity and after the pageant, she got various invitations as a model.

Victoria Salcedo: Modelo sin brazos ni pierna que compite por ser Miss  Ecuador

No Victoria is a lucky model and blogger and at the age of 26, she fulfilled almost all her dreams and made others believe in themselves.

La historia de Victoria Salcedo, candidata a Miss Ecuador - CHIC Magazine

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