Lion Husband Stands By His Sick Wife’s Side Until The Very End

Leo ad Muneco were a lovely couple who were rescued with their children from a circus in Peru by Animal Defenders International (ADI) in 2014.

The circus isn’t a friendly place for the lion as they often threatened to perform with whips, sticks, and even tasers.

According to a research article, big cats shouldn’t stay in circuses for a long time.

Leon and Muneca had 3 sons and 2 daughters. Luckily were rescued with their 3 sons Chino, Coco, and Rolex. And after 6 months their daughters Kiara and Africa were also found 600 miles away. The family has finally gathered altogether but an unexpected accident happened.

Muneca got sick and was about to die. The loyal and loving husband though couldn’t leave her even for a minute. Maybe he felt that he wouldn’t see Muneca then. So he kept supporting her and even persuading them to eat something offering her his food. But unluckily Muneca kicked the bucket at the age of 19. However, the lioness passed away knowing that her family was in safe hands.

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