Starving Polar Bear Pleads For Help After Tongue Gets Stuck In Tin Can

As the natural habitats of polar bears have been changed too they are sometimes found feeding on waste and scavengers. Like this two-year-old female cub, Monetochka who was roaming in the streets of the arctic outpost of Dickson in Russia.

The poor bear was in search of food when she had his tongue stuck in a can of condensed milk.

The little bear couldn’t feed since her tongue was stuck in the can so she decided to turn for help. As soon as Monetochka noticed people in her surrounding she rushed to them in hope of finally freeing herself from that can.

One of the men tried hard but couldn’t help her. Soon tehy noticed a veterinary team of doctors and Manetochka was taken out of Tundra – the village where she was found – for proper treatment and care.

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