A Bunny was Being Sold as Meat in a Flea Market Until a Couple Gave Him a New Home

Though rabbit meat is a rich source of protein and iron many people still can’t eat them.

During a trip to Puerto Rico, a couple bought a cute bunny for $15 to rescue him. Victoria and Nick hadn’t imagined how sweet their life could be becoming pet parents.

They named him Tony. The first week was overwhelming as the new pet parents didn’t know how to care for the little one. So victoria kept googling a thousand questions to find answers to them. After overcoming the first hard periods the parents and Tony became close. But they still thought that Ton needed a partner. Bunnies don’t feel comfortable not being surrounded by other bunnies.

So the softhearted couple adopted another rabbit named Mila from Florida. And it was the rightest decision.

Soon the couple discovered that Tonny’s health deteriorated. The best comfort zone for Tony was Mila.

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