Ballsy Mountain Lion Saunters into Woman’s Home and Tries to Drag Her Dog Off by the Neck

Rebecca Kracker was in her house in Sonoma County, California when a mountain lion attacked her.


However, her loyal Border Collie was there to help the woman and save her life.

border collie

But the woman told that the lion tried to drag her dog off by the neck. Unfortunately, the dog was seriously injured.

Though the dog was shocked at that moment and Kracker thought that he was dead the brave dog survived. The mountain lion returned after a few days and tried to kill two of Kracker’s goats. So the mountain lion was eventually tracked down and euthanized not to attack again.

Mountain lion pulls California dog from its home in Sonoma County, border collie survived | Daily Mail Online

Border Collies are loyal Scottish dogs that can reach up to 30-45 pounds. While mountain lions can reach up to 135-175 pounds. So imagine how awful could end their encounter.

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