Man Turns Family of Bears Into Taste Testers After They Kept Stealing Honey From His Bee Farm

The love for honey for bears sometimes pushes them into raiding beehives, and you know what that means to a beekeeper.

Recently a bear family visited a beekeeper and as they liked his honey the family returned again and again. The man discovered who his honey thieves were and thought thoroughly about it.

The man tried using a metal cage around the bee farm and also attempted leaving fruits and bread but the bears didn’t want all that. But this all went to no avail.

He thought again and came up with a great idea. He turned the honey thieves to taste testers. He put various types of honey and waited for the bears to express their opinion about the honey. The man discovered that the bears were attracted by the smell of Anzer honey as it was often the first kind of honey they tasted. Sometimes they approached that type of honey even without tasting the others.

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