During the concert, Pink saw a poster in the crowd of fans and stopped the performance: everyone was crying

Last week Pink had great concerts throughout Australia. But one of them was very special.

Pink stopped the concert because of a poster held by one of her fans. The poster had been taken by one girl and was moved closer to the stage so that Pink could see it. This was a short message from 14-year-old Leah.

The girl lost her mother and now she doesn’t feel so good. So her wish was to hug Pink once in her life.

Pink was touched by the poster and stopped the whole concert. She found the girl and hugged her. In return, the 14-year-old Leah burst into tears.

The girl told that she saved money for the concert and bought tickets with her mom but then she passed away only a month before the concert. For the first time in the last month, the girl could feel happy.

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