How to Keep Outdoor and Stray Cats Warm in the Winter

If you have a cat outside that can’t be kept inside during the winter season then you should make some arrangements. You can start by putting together a safe, dry, and somewhat warm shelter.

But there is a great question: Where to put the shelter? The places should avoid moisture, wind, and possibly traffic, depending on how skittish the cat may be.

Cat outside wooden homemade shelter

The next step is the material of the shelter. Though there are ready-made shelters that you can buy maybe you want to prepare them with your own hands. So the shelters can be made from wood, a foam cooler, or even plastic totes. The shelters could be small and the hole also should be small due to the risk of predators getting inside.

Cat sitting on wooden boards or bench in snow

The next step is filling the shelter with the appropriate materials to keep them even warmer. So the objects should steer clear of hay, cloth blankets, and towels, which can hold moisture and absorb body heat.

Cat eating her food outside

The bows needed for your cats outside should keep the warmth of food and water. So you can pick up thick plastic bowls that are deep and wide are better. The food and water can also be heated just before you place them outside.

Two stray cats outside

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