Little Dog With Large Tumor Is Now Living His Best Life

Dedicated animal rescuers and Vet Ranch saved the life of a dog who had a large tumor on her side. Before ultimately turning her over to a Texas animal shelter, where she was put to an end, Hattie’s cruel owners had allowed the tumor to develop for two years.

,,Hattie may be the worst owner surrender we have taken in.” according to a nonprofit called Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform.

Hattie was sent to Vet Ranch right after, where Dr. Karri examined her and noted that she had never previously seen a tumor of Hattie’s size on a dog. Dallas Dog RRR called the tumor a bowling ball.

Dr. Karri noticed that Hattie was swaying unsteadily when she visited the office because of the tumor’s weight. She said that Mattie used it as a beanbag chair and would lie down on it. Are you shocked?

Dr. Karri was both excited and nervous before operating on Hattie. Now that Hattie has recovered from surgery, she is a completely different dog. The tumor, by the way, weighed 15 pounds!

Despite having a difficult recovery, Hattie finally joined foster care.

She was saved, and her rescuers assisted her in locating a warm, long-term home.

Due to her prior owner’s negligence, Hattie came dangerously close to being put down.

However, the tale of her recovery has a happy conclusion.

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