The girl finds the courage to show her face, which she hid under makeup for 10 years

When Tiffany Taylor was diagnosed with vitiligo she was 14 years old. The poor girl couldn’t accept her condition and found a solution.

She hid her face under makeup and even her close friends didn’t know about her condition.

Tiffany had seen many other people with teh same condition who were not afraid or ashamed of this but this didn’t console her at all.

But one day a miracle happened. Tiffany was encouraged by the model Winnie Harlow who convinced the whole world that this skin condition can be appreciated positively too.

So Tiffany changed her mind and decided to participate in a Halloween part without a makeup. Her friends were stunned by her beauty and everyone told that she was beautiful without even understanding that it was teh true appearance of Tiffanny.

Soon teh girl understood that everyone is beautiful with both advantages and disadvantages and could easily be noticed without makeup in front of thousand strangers.


Tiffany's Story - Thrive Global

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