Woman spent $500,000 to look like a living Barbie doll: see what she looked like before

Looking at this stunning model you can’t imagine that she is a mother of 5 children. Besides she is a successful blogger.


Nannette Hammond was an ordinary-looking girl at the age of 16. She was like any other girl from your neighborhood with brown eyes and hair. But she was not satisfied with her appearance and decided to change it.

Mother of Five Spends $500,000 to Look Like a Barbie Doll

But she wanted to become a Barbie doll that led to her passion for cosmetology and plastic interventions.

Nannette was 46 years old and she completed her wish by enlarging her breast three times to get the coveted size 7, pumped fillers into her lips, bleached her hair to ash-white, extended her nails and eyelashes.

Woman Desperate to Look Like Barbie Plans Labiaplasty and Butt Implants

She is a successful model and Insta-diva with more than half million followers.

Sexy Glamour Queen

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