Secret benefactor: Keanu Reeves maintains his own charitable foundation and helps even strangers

Though Keanu Rives is one of the highest-paid actors in the world he uses the subway, eats in snack bars, and is dressed in ordinary stores.

Throughout his career, the actor managed to play various roles and gain millions of dollars but everyone is wondering how he spends all of his money.

So recently Keanu has given himself away. During her interviews, he announced a foundation he founded back in 2000. The foundation helps sick children to overcome cancer. The actor decided to help children with the disease as his sister also had leukemia.

He got huge fee from the trilogy “The Matrix” and ddi something strange. As he claimed taht the film gained popularity because of the whole group of the film he shared his fee with the staff and others who worked on teh film too.

The list goes on and on as Keanu is a kind person and he is not ashamed to buy a pizza for a homeless man, or to chat whie he is in the subway.

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