“Seven children and a beautiful wife:” What does the large family of Omar Sy, the main character of the film “1+1”, look like?

If you haven’t yet watched the “1+1” (The Untouchables) film then you have an important thing to do today: to watch it immediately.

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As soon as the movie appeared on the screens the actor who played the black assistant became extremely popular. His name is Omar Sy.

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After the movie, Omar was invited to various castings to shoot short films, and commercials and even to become a model. Though he became a public figure his fans know very little about his real life.

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The actor met his wife when they were too young. But the father of the girl was against their relationship and it was very difficult for the couple to build their plans. But soon they began living together.

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They didn’t get married right away and on their wedding day, they had already had 3 children. Now they are parents of 7 children and owners of a wonderful family.

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