“From a little plump to an incredible beauty!” What the daughter of Jim Carrey looks like?

Some celebrities suffer from a very dangerous disease, called star disease. And Jim Carrey is not an exception.

Jim Carrey's epic 1994: The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura | EW.com

Unfortunately, the actor longed for public attention and this devastated his personal life. Jim was married and had a wonderful wife who tried to fight for her husband and defeat the disease.

The Truth About Jim Carrey And Lauren Holly's Marriage

After some attempts, however, Lauren Holly gave up and filled for divorce. They had a daughter and Lauren decided that her daughter should see her father and be raised by both mother and father.

Jim Carrey's Only Daughter Jane Is All Grown up and Looks Unrecognizable Now

Soon Jim became the best friend of her daughter and she helped him a lot.

Jim Carrey's Pics With Only Daughter Jane Carrey


When Jim divorced for the second time he decided that he would never marry agai and began his novels. His daughter also had love for them and they wrote together.

Meet Jim Carrey's 32-Year-Old Daughter Jane Carrey Who Became a Singer


When Jane Carrey was a little girl she used to be plump but as she grew older she became a beauty and now has an enviable physique.

Jane Carrey files divorce papers - Daily Star

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