Kindhearted man risks his marriage for a stray three-legged cat

Thousands of people worldwide keep pet cats and dogs and love their animals to the moon and back. But not everyone is ready to risk their marriage to save an animal.

Mike Enders is one of those rare people who risked his marriage to save a 3-legged cat. Enders learned about the cat when the shelter had to put the three-legged cat Zorro out as they began euthanizing such animals.

Enders told that he was touched by the photo and it might sound funny but he read something in his eyes. They said “Mike! Come and get me!”

When Mike checked where the shelter was located it was a great shock for him as it was an 8-hour drive. Enders lived in San Francisco and the shelter was in Palm Springs.

But the man drove and reached the cat. He brought him home to foster but soon realized that it was a foster failure and that he would keep Zorro forever. But there was one problem his husband didn’t want to keep Zorro as they had already had 2 other cats and the third one was additional.

Enders tried to give him up for adoption but he couldn’t as they were bonded too strongly.

“So Zorro, he’s worth it, and he’s putting my marriage on the line! It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I don’t care,” Enders said with a laugh.

Soon Mike’s husband also got attached to Zorro when they were on the beach and understood that the kitten was truly worth keeping.

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