Stray puppy freezing in the cold streets finds refuge and shelter at nativity scene

As Christmas is right around the corner the streets are filled with lanterns and beautifully decorated trees.

For Catholic people, though, one of the most important Christmas decorations is the Belen which refers to the crib or manger of Jesus, and it’s the word that is used for the nativity scene. Belen is the Spanish word for Bethlehem.

During the festive period, there are numerous nativity scenes all over Spain. So this story about Belen is somehow confusing and funny.

A stray dog from Brazil, having nowhere to go, decided to steal the spotlight from baby Jesus. People were attracted by the scene and no one blamed the dog for it. The dog found comfort near baby Jesus.

As the Christmas season is the time of giving we hope that someone gave a shelter or a forever home to this puppy.

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