People saved a paralyzed Shiba Inu – and showed what love is

Gordon was a marvelous Shiba Inu who recently had a bad accident. The dog was living in Taiwan.

Gordon was once run over by a hit-and-run driver. So the poor dog couldn’t walk as his hind legs were both paralyzed.

However the dog still had two legs ad could use them luckily. So soon he began walking around with a special wheelchair. Gordon got a great support from a local volunteer organization and soon a family adopted him. Though teh family had already had anouther canine but they couldn’t stop thinking about Gordon and finally brought him home.

First, the family thought that they saved Gordon but soon realized that Gordon saved them from dull and negative days. He filled their life with positivity and full energy. The dog liked to stroll with his stroller and play with his ball.

He even won PEOPLE’s Cuteest Rescued Dog Contest. Now he is 11 and enjoys his life even with paralyzed hind legs.

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