Richard Gere took his father to his hometown restaurant for his 100th birthday – He named his son after him

Though now Richard Gere is one of the most famous and highly-paid stars in Hollywood he comes from an ordinary family. The actor’s modest and large family spent their early years on a farm in Syracuse, New York.

The actor’s father Homer Gere and mother Doris managed to build a strong family and have 5 children (Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura). They didn’t have much money but wanted to give their children the best education and the happiest life.

Richard Gere Took Dad to Hometown Diner on His 100th Birthday — He Named  Awaited Son after 'Hero' Father


Richard always recalls his parents and claims that these wonderful people gave him the means to stimulate his creativity. The actor felt the joy of fatherhood at the age of 50 and gave his son his father’s name.

In May, Homer turned 100 and Richard decided to give him a nostalgic present. They spent a warm evening at a Pasta restaurant in their hometown. To Richard, there is nothing more important than family.

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